Our Story

PHARAOH was born out of social media in 2012 by our founder Jemma Rochelle. With Jem’s eye for fresh fashion, she started selling handpicked unique vintage pieces originally calling the company Cats got the cream. But, Jem’s dream was always to create her own brand and after a few months PHARAOH was born. Social media blew up and all her designs sold out. Shortly after this we came up against a legal battle in which we had to fight for the rights of PHARAOH and in 2017 we finally won.

Now with the company moving away from vintage we have decided to rename Cats got the cream, PHARAOH and we are so excited for this stage of our brand!

What had started in the spare room of her house, is now a growing business. Jem’s aim has always been to bring a fresh and dope approach to the brand and represent the empowered female. Made by women for women our team is run by independent girls. We pride ourselves on amazing customer service and are really proud of our products.

We hope you feel empowered wearing PHARAOH just as much as we do.

With love  Jem  Rochelle  xoX

Founder Pharaoh / Cats got the cream